Get Your Beautiful Smile Back With Complete Dentures in Chatswood

Complete or full dentures are traditional dental prosthetics used in cases when all teeth in the upper or lower arch are lost.
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The Fascinating Journey of Complete Dentures

Multiple Appointments

The process of getting complete dentures involves several visits to the dentist. The appointments entail a thorough evaluation of the mouth, taking mouth impressions, denture fittings, and adjustments.

Temporary Dentures

The fabrication can take several weeks to complete. During this time, the dentist will ask the patient to wear temporary dentures until the customised set of teeth is ready.

Relining or Refitting

Wearing complete dentures over time can loosen them because of changes in the shape of the mouth. Hence, relining them is necessary for maintaining a proper and comfortable fit.

Easing Dental Concerns with Complete Dentures

The loss of teeth can have a significant impact on oral health. But complete dentures are designed to ease dental concerns and improve one’s quality of life.

A Complete Smile Upgrade: Ideal Candidates for Complete Dentures

When determining the ideal candidates for complete dentures in Chatswood, the dentist will carefully assess the patient’s case and see if the following criteria are met:
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Missing Teeth

Patients who have lost all their teeth or have teeth that are all damaged and cannot be preserved can greatly benefit from complete dentures. The dentist will check if the person has adequate healthy gum tissues and a healthy jawbone, which are important factors when considering full dentures.

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Functional Bite

The dentist will check the patient's bite and ask if there are any issues with biting. If a person has been having trouble chewing food because of several damaged teeth or significant tooth loss, they might be a good candidate for dentures.

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Appearance Concerns

Ideal candidates for complete dentures are those who have concerns with their looks or self-confidence due to missing multiple teeth. Complete dentures can help these patients regain their smiles, improve their facial features, and enhance their overall appearance.

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Dental Health

Individuals with significant missing teeth but have existing severe dental problems that make them unsuitable for other artificial teeth like dental implants can benefit from complete dentures. These oral health issues can include gum disease and an insufficient or damaged jaw bone.

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Why Choose TranscenDental Chatswood

At TranscenDental Chatswood, we continually strive to provide our patients with the latest complete dentures in Chatswood. Our goal is to restore the health, beauty, and functionality of our patients’ smiles.

Highly-Experienced Dental Team

TranscenDental Chatswood takes pride in having a team of dental professionals who are skilled in crafting false teeth in Chatswood. We combine our knowledge and years of experience to provide exceptional patient care and reliable denture-making results.

State-Of-The-Art Dental Clinic

TranscenDental Chatswood provides patients with complete dentures using cutting-edge dental technology and innovative techniques. The dentists employ advanced 3D scanning equipment to capture precise impressions of the teeth and mouth to fabricate full dentures in Chatswood.

Pain-Free and Comfortable Dental Procedures

At TranscenDental Chatswood, we understand how daunting a dental appointment can be for some individuals. That's why we go above and beyond to create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere in our dental clinic. This aims to make our patients feel comfortable throughout the denture-making process.

Gentle & Family-Friendly Dentist

We understand that having full dentures in Chatswood can be a big step for many, so we strive to make the process less stressful. The dentists and staff here are dedicated to providing compassionate, patient-focused care that considers every individual's unique needs.

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Looking for answers to your questions about complete dentures? Check out our FAQs:
Complete dentures are designed to replace lost or damaged teeth in an entire arch. The dental prosthetics fit snugly over the gums to restore the entire arch without relying on any natural teeth to stay in place. On the other hand, partial dentures only replace one or a few missing teeth in a row. They are clasped to adjacent natural teeth on each side of the empty gap.
The time it takes to get custom-made complete dentures can vary depending on your unique dental needs and the extent of procedures required. It is often estimated that the process may take anywhere from six weeks to three months. However, it may take longer in some cases if tooth extractions are needed.

As every patient’s prosthetic teeth have to be custom-fitted according to their dental shape and size, the exact duration of this procedure may differ from person to person. At TranscenDental Chatswood, we can provide you with a possible estimated timeframe for your unique, complete dentures during your consultation.
When constructing complete dentures, resin and porcelain are often the preferred materials. For false teeth, acrylic resin is often used for its strength, but sometimes porcelain may be used because it can closely resemble the natural colour of tooth enamel.

The denture base, or foundation, of the full denture also consists of acrylic resin that is tinted to match the natural colour of the gums, giving them an even more realistic look.
The average lifespan of complete dentures is approximately seven to ten years. It varies depending on the care and other factors that are unique to each patient. Consulting the dentist can give you further details about the estimated lifespan of your full dentures in Chatswood.
The cost of complete dentures will depend on several factors, such as the type of material you prefer and the location of the dental clinic. On average, getting a complete denture on both the upper and lower arches can cost anywhere from $2,840 to $6,800. Each upper or lower complete denture costs $1,410 to $3,000. Consulting the dentist at TranscenDental Chatswood can give you an estimate of your false teeth in Chatswood
Once you receive your complete dentures, you may experience discomfort and soreness. It is because these oral prosthetic devices are made from acrylic or plastic material that will feel foreign to your gum tissues.

Wearing dentures for the first time will need an adjustment period before getting used to them. Also, the discomfort should subside after two to four weeks. Anything longer than this must be taken seriously and checked out by the dentist.

Here are some helpful ways to keep your complete dentures clean:

  • Step 1.
    Place a soft towel on the bathroom counter or in the sink before removing your dentures, so when you accidentally drop them, they will not break because of the cushion.

  • Step 2.
    Remove your dentures and rinse them in the running water to loosen the food debris.

  • Step 3.
    Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently brush the surface and take away denture adhesives and any food particles that may have been collected. Warm water with a denture cleanser should be used when brushing and rinsing the dentures afterwards.

  • Step 4.
    Before bed, remove your dentures and soak them in lukewarm water or a denture-soaking solution. Doing this can help prevent any disfiguring or damage that can occur due to the dryness of dentures.

It’s important to note that you should avoid soaking or using hot water to clean your dentures, as the heat can distort and damage the denture material.

Advanced dental technology has allowed many dentists at TranscenDental Chatswood to make complete dentures look as natural as possible. To achieve a proper fit and the most natural appearance, the dentist will use high-grade materials and digital imaging to match the colour and position of your new teeth precisely.

With their sophisticated techniques, you can expect your dentures to look great while providing you with the comfort and functionality you need.
Wearing dentures can feel strange in the mouth during the first few days, making it seem harder to talk. But when your tongue starts to adjust, dentures can help improve your speech as they can eliminate lisps and pronunciation problems you may have because of missing teeth.
When participating in contact sports or other physical activities, removing your dentures for safety is recommended. The sudden impact and high-powered forces associated with strenuous activities can easily cause damage to your dentures. We recommend consulting your dentist regarding this topic so they can provide you with options.
  • Restore chewing function.
    Losing an entire set of teeth can greatly affect your ability to eat. Being unable to chew or bite limits the food you can eat. Fortunately, with complete dentures, you can regain these important functions, allowing you to eat much of the food you used to enjoy.

  • Better digestion.
    When you lack teeth, it becomes challenging to break down food into smaller pieces for digestion, leading to digestion problems. By investing in complete dentures, you can chew properly, thereby allowing your body to digest food efficiently and extract essential nutrients.

  • Smile with confidence.
    False teeth in Chatswood can be a great option to restore the smile and confidence of adults who have been living with missing teeth.

  • Relatively easy to maintain.
    Complete dentures are removable, making them relatively easy to keep clean.
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