Your Guide to Restoring a Chipped Tooth

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How to Detect a Chipped Tooth Before it's Too Late

Pain When Biting or Chewing

Is your tooth causing you discomfort or pain when eating? You may have a chipped tooth, which could be pressing on the nerve and leading to irritation.

Visible Cracks or Chips

Does your tooth have visible chips or cracks? This could signify that it's been chipped, and the damage can range from minor to severe.

Sensitivity to Hot or Cold Temperatures

Is there discomfort when eating or drinking hot and cold foods? Chipping of the enamel can expose nerve-rich layers underneath, making them vulnerable to extreme temperatures.

Get Your Smile Back: Managing Your: Chipped Tooth

Don’t let a chipped tooth prevent you from radiating confidence! Numerous treatments are available to restore your smile, whether your tooth has a subtle or extreme fracture.

Biting into the Causes of
Chipped Teeth

A chipped tooth can be caused by a variety of factors, including, but not limited to:

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Physical Trauma

Physical trauma can lead to chipped, fractured, or cracked teeth. Common physical traumas include sporting injuries, accidents and fall, consciously or unconsciously grinding your teeth, and chewing on hard items such as ice cubes or nuts.

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Tooth Decay

Unmanaged tooth decay can gradually weaken your teeth, leading to tiny cracks in the enamel that grow larger with time. Eventually, this process can cause your teeth to chip and break off, resulting in an uneven smile and further complications.

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Grinding or Clenching

Grinding and clenching of the teeth can cause tooth chipping due to the excess force and pressure put on one tooth at a time. Grinding also puts an extra strain on the jaw bone, potentially damaging your teeth and causing jaw problems.

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Old Fillings

Over time, certain materials used in old-style dental fillings may weaken and break down. This means that even small amounts of grinding or chewing forces could put you at risk for chips and fractures to other adjacent healthy teeth.

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TranscenDental Chatswood strives to provide our patients with cutting-edge technology. With innovative digital x-rays and advanced dental materials, we can comprehend a patient's condition beyond the chipped teeth and customise a plan that addresses existing issues and potential concerns.

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At TranscenDental Chatswood, our friendly dental team is here to assist you with any dental issues, from chipped teeth to more advanced treatments. We also offer preventive and restorative care to help you achieve a healthier and more beautiful smile.

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Our team of experienced dentists takes a personalised approach to managing chipped teeth and their underlying causes using advanced dental materials. Each patient's needs are unique, so we take the time to understand them and address issues based on their circumstances.

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Our FAQs can provide valuable insights about tooth fractures if you want to learn more.

A chipped tooth can be extremely painful, depending on the location and size of the chip. Even a tiny chip can cause tremendous discomfort if it affects the nerves below the surface of your tooth.

In some cases, dental patients may also experience pain in other areas such as their jaw or face. This is especially true if a large amount of tooth enamel is broken off. Visit our dental clinic as soon as possible if you experience teeth chipping to avoid further complications.

Managing a chipped tooth can be simple or complex, depending on the severity. If it’s only a tiny chip, a qualified and experienced dentist can smooth it out with a bit of filing. This could take 30 minutes to an hour.

For larger chips, dental bonding or a custom crown may help protect and strengthen the tooth. Depending on the procedure chosen, chipped tooth restoration could take 1-2 visits, each lasting about an hour, including preparation and fitting.

The cost of managing a chipped tooth depends on the severity and size of the chip, as well as the necessary treatment needed to address it.

Depending on these factors, an individual may require minor bonding or dental fillings, which are usually quite affordable, or costlier procedures such as a veneer or a crown. Below are the cost estimates:

  • Dental bonding: $250-$500
  • Dental filling: $175-$800
  • Dental veneer: $850-$2,500
  • Porcelain crown: \$2,100-\$3,000

In any case, it is important to seek dental care for a tooth fracture to reduce the risk of infection and long-term, costly damage. Consult your dentist at TranscenDental Chatswood to receive an accurate estimate based on your case.

Chipped teeth, unfortunately, can initiate a cascade of dental problems. While the initial chipping may not be serious, it can still leave you vulnerable to infection and other complications.

The first concern is that any chips or fractures in the enamel can allow bacteria to get in and cause advanced tooth decay. If decay progresses, you could need a much more extensive treatment plan.

Furthermore, if your tooth has nerve damage from the chip, you could experience increasingly severe pain until the treatment is performed.

If you have a chipped tooth, immediately visit your dentist. If not managed properly, chipped teeth can cause further damage, such as decay or cracking. Your dentist can assess the damage and determine what restoration options are available. Dental management options include bonding, filling, porcelain crowns, or veneers.

You can prevent teeth chipping by doing the following:

  • Brushing and flossing twice a day;
  • Avoiding hard or sticky foods;
  • Regular check-ups and dental visits to monitor any weak points in the mouth before they worsen;
  • Wearing a mouthguard when participating in contact sports;
  • Avoiding bad habits such as using teeth to open packages or bottles.

A chipped tooth can negatively affect oral health beyond the aesthetic damage caused by its visible presence. Chipped teeth are more susceptible to decay. It can create weakened areas in the enamel through which bacteria can enter and cause infection, leading to further deterioration.

The nerve endings of a chipped tooth may also be exposed, causing sharp pain and extreme sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks. Damage from a tooth fracture can extend below the gum line and require extensive therapy to reverse. It sometimes necessitates using bridgework or crowns for protection.

Therefore, you must visit a dentist if you chip a tooth to receive the right dental procedures before the damage becomes severe and affects the nearby healthy, natural tooth.

A chipped tooth can affect speech. When a person has an uneven bite due to a chipped tooth, it can make certain sounds more difficult to pronounce. This can cause trouble when trying to say words that contain certain consonants or vowel combinations, like “th” or “sh”.

Sometimes, the affected person might find themselves lisping when speaking. If not addressed, this issue can worsen as the affected tooth continues to chip away, and other teeth begin to shift out of alignment.

Having a chipped tooth can be a painful, embarrassing experience. It may also affect the way you eat and the types of foods you can enjoy.

A teeth chipping can increase tooth sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, causing discomfort. It may also make it difficult to chew certain foods, depending on where the chip is located and its size.

Eating crunchy or hard-textured foods could cause more damage in the form of a fractured tooth. Food consumption could become increasingly problematic if the chip is severe enough to affect your bite.

Having a chipped tooth can be quite an insecurity, as it immediately alters the look of one’s smile. Without proper treatment, the chips can worsen and lead to more serious dental issues. It is essential to address a chipped tooth without delay to prevent further destruction and maintain one’s appearance.

There are various ways to manage such a problem and address the damage, depending on the extent of the fracture. Options include composite bonding, veneers and crowns. Regardless of which method is used, these treatments can restore that beautiful, healthy smile once again.

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