Get the Maximum Defense for Your Teeth with a Sports Mouthguard in Chatswood

Our custom-fitted sports mouthguards protect against impact during physical activities. They provide an extra layer of protection for your teeth and help reduce the risk of dental injuries.
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Maximise Your Comfort and Protection with a Sports Mouthguard


A quality mouthguard should fit snugly yet comfortably on your teeth. Our custom sports mouthguards are designed specifically for your mouth, so you don’t have to worry about them shifting or causing irritation.


Dental professionals can take exact impressions of your teeth to create a custom-tailored piece that fits like a glove for maximum protection. Your smile is safer when you wear a customised sports mouthguard.

Improved Performance

We offer good quality mouthguards for sports in Chatswood that do not impede breathing or speaking. They provide comfortable protection so you can focus on your game for optimal performance.

Protect Your Smile with Sports Mouthguards: Common Problems Addressed

Sports mouthguards protect against cracked teeth and injuries during physical activity. They are essential in preventing tooth fractures, displacement, and other dental injuries.

Stay Ahead of the Game with a Sports Mouthguard Tailored to Your Needs

Stay protected during sports with a custom-fit sports mouthguard in Chatswood that is tailored to your specific needs. Keep your teeth safe from damage and stay in the game.
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Active Athletes

If you’re playing high-impact sports such as football, hockey, lacrosse, or boxing - a comfortable and custom-fitting mouthguard is an essential piece of equipment. It reduces the risk of serious injury.

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Concerned Parents

If your child is an athlete who plays a contact sport, you should strongly consider investing in an athletic mouthguard in Chatswood to protect their pearly whites. It helps keep your child’s mouth safe and prevent devastating dental injuries.

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Performance-Driven Individuals

Athletes looking to reach peak performance and protect their smile can rely on the comfort of a sports mouthguard. The custom fit won’t impede breathing, allowing athletes to stay focused and in the zone during competition.

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Safety-Conscious Individuals

If you are concerned about safety, our reliable and durable mouthguard for sports in Chatswood would be a great choice for you. It is an effective way to safeguard yourself while engaging in contact sports. It also gives you the confidence you need to keep playing.

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Why Choose TranscenDental Chatswood

Our qualified health practitioners focus on quality dental care, patient comfort, and satisfaction.

Highly-Experienced Dental Team

TranscenDental Chatswood boasts a team of highly skilled and experienced dentists who focus on creating personalised sports mouthguards. By utilising the latest technology and techniques, they can provide the layer of protection you need during physical activities.

Commitment to Patient Care

Our esteemed dentists provide a holistic approach to dental care that encompasses sports mouthguard services. By keeping our patients’ overall health and welfare in mind, we strive to provide personalised attention. Our dental treatments are tailored uniquely for each patient.

Custom-Fit and Comfortable Option

Our custom-fitted sports mouthguards in Chatswood give athletes a comfortable and secure fit. It will allow a person to breathe and speak properly. Trust in the knowledge of our dental professionals to create a mouthguard tailored to your unique oral anatomy.

High-Quality Materials

We only use quality products for comfortable and durable outcomes. Our athletic mouthguard in Chatswood can last under intense athletic demands. With high-grade materials, durability won’t ever be an issue. We provide reliable protection for teeth with our custom-made dental mouthguards.

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Here are the answers to some common questions about sports mouthguards in Chatswood.
An athletic mouthguard is designed to absorb and distribute the force of an impact, reducing the risk of dental injury or damage. They also act as a cushion and help prevent cuts and lacerations on the lips, cheeks, and tongue. A good sports mouthguard also helps absorb shock and stabilise the jaw, reducing the chances of a concussion.
Mouthguards for sports in Chatswood can be worn for any sport or activity that involves contact between players or objects, such as football, basketball, hockey, and martial arts. Sports mouthguards are also used for non-contact, high-impact sports, like gymnastics, to help protect against teeth grinding while playing sports.

The main difference between a store-bought mouthguard and a custom-fit mouthguard is the level of customisation and fit. Here are some differences to note between these mouthguards:

Store-bought mouthguard:

  • Can be bought off-the-shelf or online without professional dental assistance

  • Generally made of a single layer of thermoplastic material

  • Cannot be adjusted or altered for an individual’s unique anatomy or dental needs

  • May not fit securely, potentially reducing the level of protection provided

  • Can be bulky and uncomfortable to wear

  • May need to be replaced more frequently due to wear and tear

Custom-fit mouthguards:

  • Require professional dental assistance to create a mould of the individual’s teeth and jaw

  • Can be made from multi-layered materials to provide better protection against impact

  • Can be adjusted or altered to fit an individual’s unique anatomy or dental needs, such as braces or teeth grinding

  • Fit securely and comfortably, allowing for better communication and breathing during physical activity

  • Can last longer than store-bought mouthguards, potentially saving money in the long run

  • May be required for certain contact sports or activities, such as boxing, MMA, or football.
It’s important to keep your sports mouthguard clean to protect your teeth and gums from bacteria and germs. Rinse the mouthguard with hot water after every use. Once a week, use an antibacterial solution or a specially formulated mouthguard cleaning tablet to help kill germs.
Yes, you can certainly wear a sports mouthguard even if you have braces or other dental appliances. Many mouthguards are made with a special trim that allows them to fit comfortably over orthodontic devices like braces. It’s highly recommended that individuals with braces or other dental appliances wear a mouthguard during sports activities to protect their teeth and orthodontic work. Your dentist can provide a customised mouthguard that takes into account any braces or dental appliances you may be wearing.
Yes, it is safe to wear a sports mouthguard while participating in any high-impact sport. Sports mouthguards are designed to protect your teeth and gums from impact and prevent oral injuries. Wearing an athletic mouthguard in Chatswood can help reduce the risk of losing teeth, breaking facial bones, and suffering jaw fractures.
For consistent comfort and optimal protection, it is recommended that you replace your sports mouthguard every year. While individual use may differ, the purpose of the mouthguard is to protect your teeth from harm and abrasions. With a replacement every year, your mouthguard can provide comfortable protection. It can also help you maintain healthy teeth despite engaging in contact sports.

Custom-fitted mouthguards provide comfortable, safe protection for athletes in contact sports. The custom-fit process starts with an evaluation of your dental condition. It will determine which type of mouthguard is suitable for you. Once the dentist has evaluated your mouth and teeth, they will take impressions or use custom digital scanning technology. This will custom replicate your teeth and gums.

The custom-fitted sports guard can be created from either a soft cushioning plastic or a hard acrylic material. It will depend on what type of sport you are playing. With custom-fit sports mouthguards, the fit is key for optimal protection against accidents involving contact.

Yes, children can wear sports mouthguards. It is recommended that children who play contact sports or engage in other physical activities that may cause injury to the teeth or mouth wear a mouthguard to protect their teeth and prevent dental injuries.
Custom mouthguards for sports in Chatswood can cost anywhere from as little as $125 to around $400, depending on the type required and material selected. At TranscenDental Chatswood, we offer different types of mouthguards that are tailored to the exact needs of our patients. Schedule a consultation with us today to get an accurate quote.
It is not recommended to sleep wearing a sports mouthguard since it can impair your breathing. Sports mouthguards are made of hard material, which is why they are so effective at protecting your teeth during vigorous activities. However, this same hardness can make them uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time and even act as a choking hazard if worn while sleeping.
Yes, some sports mouthguards can be adjusted or altered if they don’t fit properly. Please note that sports mouthguard alterations should only be done by a dental professional. The adjustments must meet specific standards to remain an effective form of protection against traumatic injury.
It should take about a week to get used to wearing a sports mouthguard. However, if it is causing significant discomfort or difficulty speaking and breathing, you must visit your dentist right away for adjustments.
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